Lathrop High School Supply List for 2013-2014

Communication Arts

2 inch binder with pockets on the inside front and back 

Divider pages (at least 5)

Pencils  - Blue or Black Pen – 4 colors of  highlighters

Plastic sheet protectors – small package

Wide ruled notebook paper (no spiral)

Composition Book (non-spiral; small, wide rule preferred)

Post-it Notes (3 inch; light color)

Note cards (4 x 6 lined; 100)

Two-pocket folders (at least 4; any color)

Seniors in CA IV or Dual Credit CA

Will need an additional 2 inch binder with the clear view plastic on the front and back AND additional plastic sheet protectors (50-100) that will be used for their memory book project; any color is fine

Advanced Placement Literature & Speech/Oral Interpretation

2 inch binder with pockets on the inside front and back 

Divider pages (at least 5)


Highlighters – at least four colors (Not required for Speech/Oral Interpretation)

Wide ruled notebook paper (no spiral)

Post-it Notes (3 inch; light color) (Not required for Speech/Oral Interpretation)

Note cards (3 x 5  or  4 x 6 lined; 100)

Extended Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Geometry, Algebra II, Pre-Calculus, College Algebra

* Scientific calculator (Required for Geometry Only)


Graphing Calculator (preferably TI-83 or higher) (Alg. II, Pre-Calculus & College Alg.)

1.5 inch three ring binder

Lined paper

Graphing paper (Pre-Calculus & College Algebra)


Book cover (Not required for (Pre-Calculus & College Algebra)

P.E., Lifetime Sports, weightlifting

Gym shoes that stay at school.


T-shirts with sleeves

A&P, Biology, Earth Science

2” or 3” three ring binder with 8 tab dividers (A&P 3” required)

Lined loose leaf notebook paper

Black or blue ink pens and or pencils

Note cards (A&P only)

Color pencils (Optional for Bio & ES)

Foreign Language Supply List

Loose leaf Paper

Writing Utensil

3 Ring Binder (at least 2 in.) with 5 Dividers

2-3 Packs of Index Cards (in spiral, card box, or zipper case for binder)

American History, Psychology, & Choir

Writing Utensil


3-ring binder

Loose leaf paper  (1 subject notebook acceptable for Choir)

Single subject notebook (Psychology only)


APAmerican History, Personal Finance, & World History

Writing Utensil


One 3 inch three ring binder (Advanced American History only)

One 1-2 inch three ring binder

Loose leaf paper

Physical Science & Chemistry 1&2

1 1/2" 3 ring binder (does not have to be brand new a nice reused one is fine)

Composition Notebook (notebooks that pages can not be torn out) (Chemistry 1&2 only)

Not required but helpful: Calculator